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This privacy policy sets out the principles of what information we collect about you, how we use this information, and how we may interact to use information about you.

Collect information through your browser

The site automatically collects and writes to the server log information about: user IP address, browser type and version, operating system version, list of URLs visited by the user and time of their visit.

The site stores some information on your computer as a cookie. You can disable cookies in your browser, but you will not be able to use dynamic features on the site.

The site uses the service Google Analyticsprovided by the company Google for detailed statistics of website visitors.

The site uses social media login, and requests general user information and email (not necessarily).

Use of personal information

We use personal information about users of the Site for the following purposes:

  1. Server ordering, server log analysis in the process of technical support of the Site
  2. Providing access to closed parts of the Site
  3. Saving session data during one visit to the Site by the user and restoring the data of the previous session during repeated visits to the Site
  4. Research aimed at improving the quality of the Site, completeness and efficiency of meeting user information needs
  5. Sending e-mails about various updates on the Site (you can unsubscribe from the mailing)

Data storage security

We recognize your right to privacy and understand that it is important to you, so we make every effort to keep the information we receive from you confidential. However, we cannot fully guarantee that your personal information will be protected from any unauthorized access, loss due to force majeure, misuse or alteration, so we are not responsible for the security of personal information provided to us.

About this privacy policy

The above is the current privacy policy of the Site. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time without notice. Any changes to this policy will be posted on this page.

This privacy policy applies only to the information you provide when you visit this site. The terms of this privacy policy do not apply to information we receive in any other way (such as by phone or mail).

The site contains links to other sites that are beyond our control. Other websites that link to this site may have a different privacy policy than the one above. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of each site you visit before providing them with any information about you.

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