Paper bag sachet 9*20

270.00 UAH


Sachet packages in assortment. Widely used for packaging bakery products, pastries, bulk products and more.

This package is an excellent advertising medium. On the sachet package you can print the company's logo, its symbols, any image that will distinguish the products of this company among the products of other manufacturers. In addition, such packages are recyclable and decompose quickly without harming the environment and are therefore environmentally friendly.

Paper density - 45-50 g / m2

Size - at your request

Color - white or brown.

The price is for a brown package without printing size 9 * 20.

There is a discount when ordering larger batches.


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Number Price Discount
1 - 4 270.00 UAH -
5 - 9 260.00 UAH 4%
10 - 49 250.00 UAH 7.00%
50+ 240.00 UAH 11%
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